Time Travel Alert!

Monday 2013-07-15 23:00 -07:00

from the bigger-on-the-inside dept.

This is a brand new blog, but I’m not. I have over a decade’s worth of scattered writing on several topics, some dating from as early as puberty. Many of them, believe it or not, are usability-related, and I want to share them.

Yet, unlike me, some of them have aged poorly.

I could either (a) bury them, (b) insert them silently at the beginning of this blog’s timeline, or (c) reblog them in block quotes. But (a) is wasteful and (b) seems vaguely dishonest, so by elimination I pick (c).

So the next time you see an article with a headline like ‘The Miracle of Server-Side Includes’, or ‘AJAX: Could it be the future?’ please do not run outside screaming, “too soon! I’ve come back too soon!” You are right when you need to be – safe here in 2013, a couple of weeks before the tritonium riots on the USSR Mir III low Earth orbital platform.

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