Thursday 2014-06-12 17:00 -07:00

from the status-update dept.

Here’s a roundup of things I’ve done over the past six weeks:

  1. Got back into music. I’ve been working on two songs – my first two songs – for about a year now. They’re doing okay, and I’m going to have something good to put on SoundCloud soon.
  2. Switched hands. I’ve always been left-handed, but I began doing calligraphy with my right hand as a joke. Guess what? It’s much better than my left-handed handwriting. O_o. More on this unique experience to follow.
  3. Bought paints, began painting and drawing. (Not again, began period.) More fallout from switching hands.
  4. Regular yoga and meditation – well, not as regular as I’d like, but better than before, better than nothing.
  5. Cooking. My partner and I have been upping our culinary game lately, and the flavours are amazing. I love the technical side of cooking. It’s just another art form.

With all this awesome, blog posts have sort of trailed off. However, I’ve got a lot of ad hoc public content on my Facebook page that I vow to import here as soon as I have the time to write an RSS feed scraper for the handrolled blogging engine I use. (This is less work than it sounds, but at the moment this is a statically generated site, so there are some wrinkles to accommodate.) I intend to keep this blog going; I promise. There may be more breathers for creative work, however. :D

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