Radical Humanism

Tuesday 2014-02-11 16:00 -08:00

from the pivot dept.

As part of the change discussed in my previous post, Undoware – this blog – is now focused on the relationship between technology and the culture, rather than just technology and the user. We are expanding into territory that calls for different tools of analysis.

Poems, fiction, art, sketches, and composition are all now fair game. Those of you with an allergy to these will need to find another blog.

I will try to showcase not only my own work, but occasionally also the work of others, as well as links to anything interesting seen elsewhere. We will pay especially close attention to cryptography, Open Source, writing, politics, music, and gender.

I will also be adding a portfolio of my work specifically, including past failures. I have recently come around to the view that most failures occur because a previous failure was either misunderstood, or the wrong lessons were taken from it, often out of the anxiety and shame that necessarily follow failure. Addressing these emotions also helps avoid future error.

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