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Tuesday 2014-03-04 12:16 -08:00

from the sitting-in-dark-with-lights-out-is-boring dept.

Girl wearing Anonymous mask
Girl wearing Anonymous mask, ACTA protest, Toulouse, Feb 11, 2012.
Pierre-Selim, for Wikimedia Commons. CC Attribution Sharealike 3.0 Unported

About two months ago, I deleted my Google Plus profile. It was shortly after Google tied G+ to YouTube.

I’m still extremely wary of social networks, especially post-Snowden. However, I’m a writer, and I need to be read. I have decided to reengage with Google Plus for the same reason I deal with publishers and venues: I want exposure. I resent that every Google service is now a gateway product for Google Plus, which in turn profits from the information it collects, but the same could be set for Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr/Yahoo, or nearly any other number of free online services.

Yes, this is selling out. But it’s the kind of baseline selling out required to get your foot in the door, to exist. And I am willing to make that trade.

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