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Monday 2013-07-22 14:00 -07:00

from the opened-source dept.

This site is now open source, and the content is Creative Commons. It’s all on Find out why after the jump.

Why is this important?

Because Open Source and Creative Commons are both important. They are important to me. And they are absolutely crucial to the normal functioning of the modern world, although you’d never know it from the media. The same media that is almost universally hosted on Open Source operating systems, running Open Source frameworks. We are hidden in plain sight.

Why the multiple licenses?

I realized I’d be angry if someone ran my articles and profited from them, because I’m writing them for free. So the articles, and the articles alone, are under a license that prohibits commercial reuse without my explicit permission.

I also realized that I care somewhat less about visual assets I produce, but I still want the fame, if any, ;), so they are under a CC license that is very similar to the MIT license. I didn’t just go with MIT because I think it’s better to use CC licenses for content and FOSS licenses for code – it seemed better to use a screwdriver as a screwdriver, instead of a hammer.

FOSS contributions

I think this is the first time someone has released a blog template for Wintersmith that has Disqus and Google Tracking, autogenerated sitemaps, and support for Stylus and LiveScript. The code is imperfect, but if it is of use to you, please, take what you need.

I’m also proud to contribute written content to the cause. While technical writing is a lot less glamorous than coding, it is the flux capacitor of Open Source: nothing works without it. Undocumented code is almost as bad as code without a license.

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