Letter to Someone who Believes They Aren't Interesting Enough to Surveil

Monday 2014-07-21 09:03 -07:00

from the dept dept.

We see you.
We see you.

You still think like a human. ‘to stand out’ is a verb that makes sense only in reference to the human ability to sort through stuff. Computers don’t have the same limits, so everything stands – stands out, stands in, whatever. You have in communication with me, and that is enough to be of interest. I’m a non-American and I work in security.

Remember, computers are machines to find boring things interesting, so it’s easy to be of interest. Surveillance is now so cheap, it’s the opposite that takes effort, like deleting email from gmail.

To help you reset your intuitions, consider: 80% of domestic U.S. calls are now recorded and accessible to law enforcement, should you ever become important enough. International calls must be assumed to be 100% recorded. FB with politically engaged non-Americans, such as myself, is recorded. It’s all recorded.



Saturday 2014-07-19 20:46 -07:00

from the first-installment-first-draft dept.

“Eee!” went the face in the box.

Lada shuddered and pressed harder on the accel panel, even though she knew it was capacitative, the box beside her thumping and twisting like the living thing it contained. The e-car’s servos pleaded nolo contendre and Lada ground her teeth in mechanical sympathy. By now, the face’s original owner would be waiking up; making screams of his own.

From Darkness to Darkness

Saturday 2014-06-14 17:00 -07:00

from the art dept.

From darkness to darkness (Zigest.com)
From darkness to darkness
Liz Mars

Thrilled to be featured this week in Zigest:

I wanted to capture how meaning is found, and lost, and found again, and how in the same way that we created urban wilderness, we have created systems of meaning that elude us — a semantic wilderness. The QR code bitfield against which you can see Orion is actually the canonical Lorem Ipsum – aesthetically mangled of course – but the point is you’d never know it. It’s even represented internally to the computer as a font, but again, not for a language you speak. You can only read the words on this piece that were written in fountain pen on paper, and then scanned in. The real text is not for you. You would need to be a machine to experience this work in full.